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The Manga That Made Prophecies

 Michel de Nostredame or better known as Nostradamus was a French astrologer that published a book titled Les Prophéties (The Prophecies) that came to predict future events decades after his death in a poetic fashion. In the year 1999 – many years after Nostradamus’ death – a manga was published by an unknown author going by the pseudonym Tatsuki Ryo and her manga, as expected, did not make an impression on the populous at that time. Little is known about her other five works and what she is currently doing, but many have assumed that she has retired from the industry entirely. Her first manga was published in 1975. A dream diary notebook was kept by her from 1980 onward when she claims to have had premonitory dreams on several occasions. Most of her works focused on the Shoujo genre which was plentiful at that time and the market for that was oversaturated. Hence, this manga going unnoticed was expected. The manga titled The Future as I see it is said to be based upon her unusu

Saki Sanobashi (Cursed Japanese 80s OVA?)

 Warning: The post might not be suitable for all audiences. “Some weird anime about naked girls stuck in a large bathroom without doors, having a philosophical debate about not getting out of the room. After losing home and starving for some days everything goes downhill…” In 2015, the late 1980s or early 1990s horror anime OVA was mentioned on 4chan – an anonymous image-based bulletin board where anyone can share images and post comments – coming from a threat that asked users about the most disturbing things they've seen on the deep web. The OVA (Original video animation) is said to be thirty minutes long which was the standard running time back then and features three to nine high school girls trapped in a bathroom without any means of escape. They all eventually commit suicide in a gruesome manner. Attempting to drown herself in the sink, one girl asks for assistance from another. Depending on which version you read, the other girl succeeds; in others, she can't take

Japan's most mysterious song (Lost Akiba Tape)

  A thrift store located in Akihabara, a district within Tokyo, is where our story begins in the early 1990s. In the iconic Radio Kaikan building, an unmarked cassette tape was purchased for only 50 yen at a thrift store. The tape was found in a box by the entrance of the store. The purchaser had visited many times in the past with his friends and on this day, he purchased an unmarked cassette tape that stood out from the rest of the cassette tapes as the rest were often marked with the names and bands or singers of the recording. The buyer brought the tape home to listen to it and enjoyed many recognizable songs from that era until a certain song started to play which gave chills to the listener. The song had extremely dark themes and creepy lyrics with the singer evoking strong emotions with each tune that she sang. The song was released to the public and made it to YouTube, gaining prominent attention after being covered by various YouTubers such as Sakura Stardust. Many have said t

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