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Scattering Ashes in Japan

With almost 100% cremation rate, ashes are either kept in home or scattered. Scattering ashes in Japan is a traditional practice that has been observed for centuries. Here's a guide to help you understand about scattering ashes in Japan: Meaning of Scattering Ashes in Japan  In Japanese culture, death is seen as a profound transition, marking the journey from the physical realm to the spiritual realm. Buddhism and Shintoism play integral roles in shaping funeral practices and beliefs surrounding the afterlife. Buddhism, with its emphasis on impermanence and the cycle of life and death, holds no importance on physical burial unlike other major religions like Muslim and Catholics. Shintoism, Japan's indigenous religion, highlights the importance of harmony with nature and ancestral reverence. Even though scattering ash is not official mentioned, it is an event that signify returning to nature. Water, wind and forest burial accrue the most merit, followed by cremation and

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