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How Japan Celebrates Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day in Japan is celebrated a bit differently from other countries. Instead of just focusing on expressing their love for one another, it's a time to celebrate relationships among friends and family. Here is an overview of how Japanese people usually celebrate this special day. The History of Valentine’s Day in Japan Gift-Giving on Valentine's Day White Day – A Special Follow-up Celebration Kokuhaku - Expression Of Romantic Feelings Hanami - Cherry Blossoms Viewing Parties The History of Valentine’s Day in Japan Valentine’s Day first began in Japan in 1958 when chocolate companies promoted the holiday as an opportunity to increase sales. It was only around the 90s when women started gifting chocolate to the men they were interested in or had crushes on. In Japan, February 14th isn't just about romantic love – they enjoy celebrating friendship and platonic relationships with people close to them. Gift-Giving on Valentine's Day On Valentine’s Da

Japanese vs Chinese vs Korean Chopsticks

As an Asian who used different kinds of chopsticks for different cuisines, it is interesting to wonder why there are various designs of chopsticks. Read on to find out the differences between these three types of chopsticks and which one is the best for what purposes. Differences Japanese Chopsticks Chinese Chopsticks Korean Chopsticks Material Bamboo, Lacquered Wood, Disposable Wood Bamboo, Wood, Plastic, or Ivory Stainless Steel, Brass, Iron. Silver was believed to detect poison and was suitable for Korean BBQ Shape Slender and Pointed Tip for delicate food Thicker and Rounder Tip to grasp food Flat and squared at ends. Flat to save material Length Shorter since less food sharing Longer to reach dishes Medium Decoration Intricate designs Less decorated or with wordings With motifs Japanese, Chinese, and Korean chopsticks are all traditional utensils used for eating in East Asian cultures, but there are some differences between the three: Material

Japanese vs American Architecture

Architecture is the subtle art of structural design. What constitutes good architecture has been an enduring debate throughout different locales and time periods. There are meaningful similarities that can be extracted from the differences, mainly, it is about the subtle relationship between function and beauty. As the Roman architect of the first century, Vitruvius puts it, good architecture embodies, firmitas, utilitas, and venustas , (durability, utility and beauty) However, since this artistic expression is informed by cultural, philosophical, and topographical demands, different cultural heritages produced widely divergent architectural designs. This is what makes the difference between Japanese and American architecture an interesting case study, two countries with widely different geographies and philosophical inheritance. I will be mainly talking about the differences in modern architecture between the two and the various influences that have generated the differences. O

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