Host and Hostess Clubs For Foreigners In Japan

 If you’ve ever been to Japan, you would have seen the bright, eye-catching street signs on every busy street, showing a group of pretty girls. Perhaps you have been approached by some men while walking along Dotonbori, their bleached hair and pretty faces indicating the nature of their jobs. This is one of the biggest parts of Japan’s bustling nightlife: Host and Hostess Clubs.

  • A hostess club is a type of nightclub found in Japan. Here, the young female staff is employed, and these girls entertain and chat with men. The men generally seek entertainment, company, drinks, and attention.
  • Host clubs are generally the same as hostess clubs, except that here, young men are working to cater to the needs of females. 

Paying a visit to the host and hostess club for foreigners

Can foreigners visit host or hostess clubs? Yes, but not all clubs will allow it, especially if you don't speak Japanese. This is because the ability to communicate without a language barrier between the host(ess) and the customer is paramount to the experience. 

Additionally, host/hostess clubs rely on their customers visiting again and again, which is unlikely in the case of foreigners. However, it is still possible to visit such establishments if you go with a Japanese-speaking friend who will make entry much smoother. Some establishments in larger cities (like Tokyo and Osaka) have English-speaking hosts. The key is: always to ask before entering, and ensure the establishment is fine with English-speaking foreigners!

For readers who are interested in experiencing these sorts of clubs, this article aims to educate readers on what they can/cannot do, and let readers know what to expect when paying a visit to such establishments.

What to expect in the host/hostess club experience

Host Clubs: “Permanent Nomination” system

Most host clubs operate on this system: once the customer has named a specific host, the customer will always interact with this host. Upon the first visit, the customer will be given a menu of hosts and can interact with most of them, before finally deciding on one host to nominate.

Hostess Clubs: kyabakuras and kurabus

For hostess clubs, on the other hand, the system used will depend on the type of club you are visiting. The table below outlines the differences in systems:



The customer is not stuck to one singular hostess, and different hostesses will be brought to him on rotation

The customer chooses/is assigned a hostess upon the first visit, and sticks with her always. The customer cannot choose another hostess at the same club.

Multiple hostesses are allowed to approach the customer and his nominated hostess at their table

Hostesses strictly interact one-on-one with their customers

Touching, Flirting, and Sexual Acts

Generally, in both host and hostess clubs, customers are not allowed to touch the host(esses), nor are they allowed to make sexual comments which may make the host(esses) uncomfortable.

However, if the host/hostess wishes to, and likes the customer, they are free to engage in sexual activity with the customer (after hours!).

Exorbitant prices

Generally, a night at the club will consist of an entry fee, a service fee, as well as fees for food and drinks. You can expect to spend a few hundred dollars, to even a couple of thousand! Be sure not to spend beyond your means, and not to overspend whenever the host(ess) showers you with attention.

Working as a host/hostess

Looking at the top hosts/hostesses who draw in tens of thousands per month, working in such establishments may seem attractive and lucrative. We will outline the various aspects of working here, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Drinking and conversation

If you are someone that loves a good drink and conversation, perhaps this job will be right up your alley, and make you happy! Nonetheless, daily, heavy drinking can have adverse effects on the health of workers.

Ability to work

Most visa types do not allow for this field of work, especially if you are a foreign student or can only work in certain industries. Be sure to check your visa to ensure you are eligible to work in this field.

Language and Cultural Barrier

The host/hostess club experience is built on a good rapport between worker and customer, which is built based on interaction and conversation. Hence, having a good command of Japanese is essential to success as a host/hostess. This is especially since a vast majority of customers will be Japanese.

Additionally, there may be a cultural barrier between worker and customer, since you did not originate from Japan and may lack common topics to discuss with them. It may be helpful to read up on Japan and prepare some tricks and jokes to ensure that your customers are always entertained.


While there are measures in place to prevent incidents from occurring, the host/hostess club industry is undoubtedly one that is susceptible to cases of rape, kidnapping, stalking, and murder, especially by customers who are obsessed with their host/hostess. If you intend to work in this industry, you must be aware of such possibilities and be sure to be ready to protect yourself.

In 2007, Joji Obara was jailed for life for the serial rape of many women, of which most notably were 2 hostesses in Japan. The nature of this job can attract customers with malicious intent, and workers must be careful to protect themselves.

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